Although many people believe the contrary, risk factors are not a direct cause of cancer. What risk factors do is they influence the development of cancer. Another note about risk factors is that some people with multiple risk factors will for one reason or another never develop cancer. Risk factors are still very important to be aware of, especially with kidney cancer, because your doctor can inform you on lifestyle changes you need to make. Below are a number of different risk factors linked to kidney cancer.

Kidney Cancer Risk Factors

1) Smoking Tobacco

The number one risk factor for kidney cancer is smoking tobacco. It legitimately doubles the risk of developing kidney cancer. According to reports, it is believed to cause 30% of kidney cancers for men and 25% of kidney cancers in women.

2) Gender, Race and Age

Similar to smoking tobacco, men are about two to three times more likely to develop kidney cancer as opposed to women. Another factor that you cannot control is race. It has been shown that African-Americans have higher rates of kidney cancer. Age is another risk factor for kidney cancer. Kidney cancer is most likely to be found in adults between the ages of 50 and 70.

3) Nutrition and Weight

Nutrition and weight are both linked together because of the correlation between high-fat diet and obesity. Eating a high-fat diet typically leads to obesity, which has been linked to kidney cancer.

4) Hypertension

Hypertension, more commonly referred to as high blood pressure, has been linked to a higher chance of developing kidney cancer. This is also closely linked to poor nutrition and high weight.

5) Medication Abuse

There used to be a problem in the United States with painkillers containing phenacetin because they were linked to transitional cell carcinoma. There are also other medications, such as diuretics, pain pills, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen, that if abused can be linked to kidney cancer.

6) Cadmium Exposure

It is believed that increased exposure to the metallic element cadmium can increase your chances of developing kidney cancer. Things like batteries, paints and welding materials all contain cadmium.

7) Kidney Diseases

If you experience any type of kidney diseases, your kidney function decreases. People with decreased kidney function are at a higher risk of developing kidney cancer.

8) Dialysis Use

If you are someone who has used dialysis for a long period of time, it is possible you may develop cancerous cysts in your kidneys. The good news about this type of risk factor is that the cysts can be found early and removed before the cancer spreads throughout your body.

9) Family History of Cancer

Obviously any sort of family history of any serious diseases, especially cancer, can increase your risk of developing the disease. If you are someone who has a first-degree relative who has had or has kidney cancer, you have an increased risk of developing kidney cancer.

10) Genetic Conditions

There are a few specific genes that have been found to increase the risk of kidney cancer development. To see if you have any of these genetic conditions you would need your doctor to conduct genetic testing.

Kidney Cancer Specialists in New Jersey

Cancer of any kind can be tough for the victim and the family of that victim. Kidney cancer is especially common with all of the possible controllable and uncontrollable risk factors. If you are looking for someone to examine your risk factors or if you think you may have kidney cancer, contact Dr. Ron Israeli today. Dr. Ron Israeli is an experienced urologist and prostate cancer specialist, with extensive experience treating kidney cancer.