Testosterone is the hormone most associated with being “manly” or being a man. It increases male sex drive and muscle growth, and helps you feel better overall as a man. If you don’t have a sufficient amount of testosterone levels in your body, you can lose energy and motivation, and suddenly lose sexual desire. It can be an alarming feeling as a man to have low testosterone levels. Below are some potentially shocking ways that can increase your testosterone levels.

Eating Spicy or Hot Food

If you are the type of guy to regularly consume spicy or hot food, it is likely that you have high testosterone thanks to your diet. There is a direct link between the regular consumption of hot foods like chili peppers and men taking financial, sexual and behavioral risks. All of these risk-taking attributes are directly linked to men who have higher testosterone levels.

Watching Your Favorite Sports Team

It is true that when you watch your favorite sports team compete, no matter the sport, that it can raise male testosterone levels. Increasing your testosterone levels has shown to increase your appetite in the bedroom. The one catch is that this is more likely to happen if your favorite team was successful. If your favorite team loses, it can have the opposite effect on your testosterone levels.

Avoid Overtraining Your Body

A lot of people immediately associate working out with higher testosterone levels, which is absolutely true, just not if you over train your body. It has been shown that if you work out too much and over train, it can increase cortisol in your body. That will actually break down your muscles and decrease your testosterone levels. If you overexert yourself and push your body too far, you may think it is beneficial, but it can do serious damage to your testosterone levels. You should definitely work out regularly to improve your testosterone levels and overall health, but be mindful of how hard you are pushing yourself.

Drink More Red Wine

This surprising way to increase your testosterone levels shouldn’t be too hard to get someone to do because it just requires drinking a glass or two of red wine. It is believed that a compound found in red wine called quercetin can potentially block an enzyme that makes the kidneys process testosterone and excrete it in urine. This is beneficial for males because this means the enzyme in red wine can potentially make the male body retain more testosterone.

Get Some Rest

Another way to increase testosterone levels that I’m sure we will not have to force anyone to do is to get enough rest daily. If you don’t get enough sleep or don’t have a regular sleep pattern, you will experience a drop in testosterone levels. Sleep deprivation can cause a noticeable change in men because their testosterone levels are so low after a bad night of sleep or a lack of sleep.

Low Testosterone Treatment in New Jersey

If you suffer from low testosterone, as a man it can be really embarrassing and you will start to wonder what is wrong with you. What you first have to realize is that it is a natural thing, as a man gets older. What you also need to realize is that there are ways to treat it, including what’s listed above, or by going to see a professional about it. Ron S. Israeli M.D., PC in Livingston, New Jersey, is an experienced professional when it comes to treating low testosterone levels in males. He also offers a number of other urology and cancer services. To learn more or make an appointment, contact Dr. Ron Israeli today.