Penile augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that increases the size and length of the penis. Receiving this remedial enhancement is a consideration for one of many personal or medical reasons by providing a permanent benefit to a patient’s bothersome condition. Before making your final decision, you’ll want to weigh your options, learn what the procedure is, and what it can provide you. To help you with your research, here is everything you’ll need to know about male enhancement.

Is Male Enhancement Safe?

Penile augmentation procedures are equally as safe as any other cosmetic enhancement available to patients. No male enlargement is one in the same, and every approach will benefit the patient in different ways than the next. Every male enhancement approach is safe while in the hands of a trusted doctor with experience in the field. Your physician will discuss your option to accurately determine which procedure is most suitable for you.

Are You a Good Candidate for Penis Enlargement?

A good candidate for a penis enlargement must have a condition eligible for correction and a positive attitude before considering medical assistance. The goal of this procedure is to improve physical and mental health, confidence and functionality – a negative outlook will defeat the purpose the entire enhancement. Good general health is an additional requirement so the procedure can conclude successfully without any development of unforeseen complications. A potential patient must have realistic goals and expectations so they can experience the maximum benefit of their procedure.

When to Consider Penile Augmentation

The initial consideration for a penile augmentation will most likely be because a patient is seeking improvements to correct a physical, medically anatomical condition. Each reason will be different between patients, but all will similarly relate in one way or another. Below is a list containing some of the many reasons why an individual may wish to obtain male enhancement.

  • Penis may be too small for body frame (disproportioned).
  • Medical condition that causes small penis size (ex. micropenis).
  • Desired enhancement in sense of masculinity.
  • Improve sexual potency.
  • Increased sense of confidence.

Types of Male Enlargement Procedures

Male enlargement procedures aim to increase the length and width of the penis while increasing personal confidence and self-esteem. Each procedure is designed to improve an itemized aspect of the penis, and choosing the correct one will determine the highly specified result of a respective surgery. Below will briefly describe the two types of phalloplasty penile augmentation procedures.

Lengthening Procedures

Penis lengthening procedures begin by your surgeon making small incision in the pubic area that generally grants a half-an-inch enlargement. Since almost a third of the penis is located inside of the body, this procedure will help increase its prominence on the exterior.

Widening Procedures

Penis widening procedures are much more common versus the latter type of surgery and can be performed non-invasively. Enlarging the circumference of the penis can be performed in many ways. One procedure requires the harvesting of fatty tissues from other areas of the body and injecting them around the penis. The second – and most effective – is dermal filler injections. Similar to fillers for the face, this FDA-approved approach is equally as safe and shows real results. The penis will be injected with Juvederm fillers made of hyaluronic acid underneath the fascia skin covering.

Recovery from Male Enhancement

Recovery from male enhancement will vary depending on the type of procedure obtained – such as surgery vs. non-invasive injections and any necessary anesthetic usage. According to the specific approach selected, your surgeon will discuss everything you need to know and care for following your procedure. Below you will find the general recovery tips and advice following your penile augmentation.

  • General anesthetic use will require an overnight hospital stay.
  • Dressings will need to be changed at intervals to protect the penis and prevent infection.
  • Medication may be prescribed to assist with pain and recovery (painkiller or antibiotic).
  • Redness and swelling will occur, but consult your doctor if symptoms worsen.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes.
  • No heavy lifting or sexual activity for 1 month.
  • A total of three to six months is the general estimated recovery time to see full results.

Penile Augmentation in Livingston, New Jersey

Penile augmentation is a great solution to modify, enhance or correct both physical and mental conditions are negatively affecting your life in any way. You know what you’re searching for, however, finding the right surgeon may be little more difficult. If considering penile augmentation, consider Dr. Ron S Israeli MD, PC for comprehensive assistance. With years of experience and meticulous care, Dr. Ron is conveniently located in Livingston, New Jersey to assist with any of your questions and concerns. For more information on penile augmentation and the services provided by Dr. Ron Israeli, please contact us today or read our blog to learn more.