High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) has growingly become one of the most popular treatments for prostate cancer. As a treatment used for the ablation of prostate tissue, it has recently gotten approval from the FDA. Most doctors will recommend this type of treatment to newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients, or if you have cancer that has come back in your prostate. It is such a highly suggested procedure because it uses high frequency sound waves that create heat and damage the cancer cells. Below are some reasons why HIFU treatment is much more beneficial than other prostate cancer treatments.

Why Prostate Cancer Patients are Choosing HIFU

HIFU is Non-Invasive

HIFU is a non-invasive treatment, which is rare when dealing with an infectious disease. This is beneficial because non-invasive means that no incisions will be made during the treatment process. Not only will it hurt significantly less, but also, there will not be any scars associated with the process. Additionally, this treatment decreases the possibility of complications with other parts of your body close to your prostate. Lastly, HIFU treatment allows you to return back to normalcy quicker than any other treatment.

HIFU is Radiation Free

The ultrasound waves that a patient will endure during HIFU treatment are virtually harmless for your body. Radiotherapy waves on the other hand, which is an alternate option to treat prostate cancer, can be very harmful to the body. Just like ultrasound waves used during pregnancy, ultrasound for prostate cancer are used to produce a therapeutic effect. The difference between pregnancy and prostate cancer ultrasounds is that the ultrasound waves used for prostate cancer patients is produced at a higher intensity and focused in on the prostate.

HIFU Treatment is Customizable

It may sound odd to hear that a cancer treatment is customizable and not uniform for everyone, but HIFU treatment for prostate cancer is exactly that. There are two different types of treatments that you can choose from based on the anatomy of the patient’s prostate, patient’s preferences and if there were other treatments already done. Of those factors, you can choose to have a focal strategy performed or a radical strategy performed. The focal strategy treats only the diseased part of the prostate and the radical strategy treats the whole prostate no matter where the diseased area is.

HIFU is Accurate and Safe

While the doctor plays a major role in the HIFU treatment process, he or she does not necessarily perform the treatment themselves. Whatever urologist you choose to go to, they will plan the treatment through the machine and it will then execute it. The accuracy of the HIFU machine makes movements that are so precise and accurate that it could not possibly be done by hand. On top of the urologist monitoring the whole treatment performed by the machine, but the machine itself has many automatic safety features.

HIFU Treatment in New Jersey

Although HIFU treatment is increasingly popular and arguably the best treatment for prostate cancer, it is sometimes difficult to find a urologist in your area who can perform it or provides it. HIFU treatment is the most beneficial treatment for anyone that has been affected by prostate cancer. Dr. Ron S Israeli is board certified urologist and prostate cancer specialist in Livingston, New Jersey who performs HIFU treatment for prostate cancer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment if you are concerned you may have prostate cancer or are interested in our high intensity focused ultrasound treatment.