When there is a growth of abnormal cells in the bladder, and tumors form and grow together, it causes bladder cancer. The scary part about bladder cancer is that there is no definitive cause for it. Although it is scary for the person diagnosed and everyone involved, bladder cancer can often be treated successfully, as long as it is found and treated early on.

What Are The Symptoms of Bladder Cancer?

The first and most obvious symptom of bladder cancer is if there is any blood in your urine, otherwise known as hematuria. This is because the most common type of bladder cancer, called transitional cell cancer, starts on the inner layer of your bladder and affects your urinary tract. Other symptoms that are associated with bladder cancer are urinating often or experiencing pain as you urinate. One thing you need to be aware of, however, is that these symptoms also are associated with urinary tract infections. You should see your doctor before you make a self-diagnosis.

How Do You Diagnose Bladder Cancer?

In order to correctly diagnose bladder cancer, or any type of cancer for that matter, your doctor will need to ask you about your full medical history. After that, your doctor will most likely perform a physical exam, such as a vaginal or rectal exam. Another way to diagnose bladder cancer is to have a urine test, during which your doctor will look for any blood or abnormal cells in your urine. Lastly, another method is to conduct a cystoscopy, which is a test that will allow your doctor to look at your bladder with a lighted viewing tool. While your doctor is viewing your bladder, he or she will take small tissue samples to definitively tell if there are cancerous cells present.

Help Prevent Bladder Cancer

One problem with bladder cancer is that it cannot be fully prevented. There can only be things done to help prevent it.

Stop Smoking Cigarettes

The number one thing you can do to help reduce the risk of getting bladder cancer is to stop smoking if you are a cigarette smoker. Cigarette smokers are more likely to get bladder cancer, along with other types of cancer, compared to nonsmokers.

Avoid Certain Chemicals

Another way to help prevent bladder cancer is to make sure that you avoid any sort of exposure to industrial chemicals. These industrial chemicals include benzene substances and arylamines. It is very common to be exposed to these chemicals if your line of work has to do with dyes, rubbers, textiles, paints, leathers and chemicals. You need to be aware of this occupational exposure to help reduce your risk of bladder cancer.

Make Sure Drinking Water Is Clean

Something else you should avoid being exposed to is arsenic, which can be present in drinking water. You should get your drinking water tested whenever it is possible. If you are concerned that you might be drinking arsenic water, you should then drink bottled water.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Although you should do this anyway, eating and drinking healthy can go a long way in reducing your risk of getting bladder cancer. An easy way to do this is to put a heavy focus on fruits and vegetables, as well as constantly staying hydrated.

Bladder Cancer Treatment in New Jersey

Bladder cancer can be an extremely scary thing for you or anyone close to you. The key to successful recovery is to have an early detection and proper bladder cancer treatment. Dr. Ron S. Israeli M.D., PC in Livingston, New Jersey specializes in the treatment of bladder cancer, along with other types of cancers and services. If you want to get tested or are in need of treatment, contact Dr. Ron Israeli today.