Everything that enters your body must eventually be filtered out. If it wasn’t, the body’s internal organs could face serious complications. Thanks to the urinary system, all ingested food and liquid can be successfully excreted after sufficient nutrients are absorbed. These organs are able to filter your blood and remove any metabolic wastes that result after the digestion process. The necessities of the renal system are obvious, meaning care for your urological health should be a paramount interest. Fortunately, urological health doesn’t have to be complicated. Read on to learn how you can maintain a healthy urinary system.

Stay Healthy with Hydration 

Every time you urinate, you’re eliminating waste from your body. Drinking the necessary amount of water on a daily basis will not only help protect the health of your urinary system, but keep you in overall health – since our bodies are made up of at least 50% water. Your hydration should reflect your current health, level of activity and body weight to make sure you’re staying on top of optimal water intake. The water will help stimulate the need to urinate so waste can properly make its way out of the body. Remember not to drink too much in one sitting because then you’ll have to go a little too often.

Extra Water During Exercise 

It’s also worth noting to increase your water intake during strenuous exercise. You lose water content in the body through sweat and extra perspiration during aerobic activities. That’s why you don’t see avid gym goers without their water bottles – they’re just trying to stay healthy!

Lower Your Sodium Intake 

A high-sodium intake can affect the kidneys through a spike in blood pressure. Long-term affects of uncontrolled amounts of salt in your diet can include development of the infamously painful kidney stones. The unnatural levels of sodium can throw off the balanced relationship between the kidneys and your body’s water percentage.

Cut Out the Caffeine 

Unfortunately for coffee lovers experiencing urological complications, your caffeinated drinks may be to blame. Caffeine acts as a diuretic to the human body. This means that the substance being ingested increases the frequency of needing to urinate. In short, the more caffeine that enters your body in any form, the more you’ll find yourself inconveniently rushing to the bathroom. High caffeine consumption essentially turns from a morning wake-up necessity to a bladder irritant, leading to possible bladder cysts, incontinence issues and other discomforts.

Don’t Hold It In

Part of making sure you’re upholding a healthy renal system is not holding in the need to urinate. This increases the possibility of UTI’s along with the rare condition of renal failure. Trust your body and go when you have to go.

What Happens When You Don’t Take Care of Your Urinary System 

There is a decent amount of undesirable conditions that can develop in the renal system when urological health is ignored. Adopting the habits described above will significantly reduce the risk of these aggravating issues from forming and intensifying. The following examples list the potential complications that have direct relations to the lack of proper care to the urinary system.

Professional Urological Health Services in Livingston, New Jersey 

Eating right and balancing a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining your overall urological health. If you’re suffering from a condition of the urinary system or would like to learn more on healthy habits, consider the professional advice from Ron S. Israeli MD, PC. Dr. Israeli is a board-certified urologist in New Jersey providing top-tier urological treatment to patients in need. Contact the office at 973-251-2055 to make an appointment or view our blog for more health tips and information.