The word “cancer” is never something anyone wants to hear. Fortunately, most cases of prostate cancer are treatable when caught early on. Following a prostatectomy surgery, most men do not experience recurrence. However, what happens if PSA levels rise after this procedure?

PSA Rise After Surgery

25%-33% of men will experience a recurrence of prostate cancer after initial treatment. For most, a second round of treatment will be able to cure the cancer. For others, the cancer will remain treatable for a very long time but may not ever be completely gone.  If you find your PSA rising after your prostate cancer treatment, then there are several steps that can be taken to address your health.

Determining if Cancer is Recurring

Following a prostatectomy, men should test at zero (undetectable) for PSA. Cancer recurrence is typically identified as a PSA greater than 0.2 that has demonstrated a rise on two different occasions, measured in the same lab, and the testing is conducted at least 2 weeks from the previous test.

If the cancer has indeed recurred, it is now time to determine which next steps will be most beneficial for the patient’s overall health and quality of life.

Additional Therapy

Only a patient and their doctor can make the call on if additional therapies should be attempted. There are several different options to consider. Radiation is a popular choice, but should only be attempted after the urinary structures have completely healed from the surgery. Radiation therapy has several potential side effects, especially on urinary function. Other therapies include HIFU, which can be repeated as many times as needed with minimal side effects.

How Fast is the PSA Rising?

Another consideration needs to be made to the PSA Velocity. This is the rate at which your PSA is rising. This measurement can give your doctor insight into how aggressive the cancer is; the faster the PSA is rising after surgery, the more aggressive the cancer most likely is. This information will also help to guide which next treatment option will be most successful.

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