Non-Invasive Male Enhancement

Non-invasive male enhancement procedures are now available to help with any aesthetic or medical needs. Typically, dermal fillers are associated with the face – as they reduce the noticeability of lines and wrinkles while contouring facial tissue. The voluminous and lifting properties of dermal fillers can be utilized in other areas of the body as well. Those seeking penile augmentation can undergo this non-surgical penis enlargement procedure. The process leaves no scarring and provides patients with a safe, new option. Dr. Ron Israeli, MD, PC and his staff are dedicated to providing this new method of enhancement so patients can experience real results without the anxiety of surgery.


The Male Enlargement Process

The FDA-approved process of a non-invasive male enlargement procedure is very fast and only requires simple injections. Similar to the face, soft tissue fillers are inserted to enhance the girth of the penis. These fillers consist of collagen and microspheres lifts and enhances the skin under the penis’ fascia layer. Treatment areas will be meticulously marked and treated with a numbing agent before initial injections are made. Your specialist will monitor the development of the injections to make sure it’s working correctly and apply extra care when needed. Roughly 15-minutes post-procedure you will experience immediate results of your enlargement.


The Benefits of Dermal Filler Penile Augmentation

Male enhancement can be performed without the use of any surgical tools. In fact, a procedure utilizing dermal fillers is equally as affective with a substantial reduction in recovery time. The following list describes a few of the benefits when choosing to receive a dermal filler male enlargement.

  • Quick Procedure
  • Little Recovery Time
  • A Non-Surgical Increase in Girth
  • Compatible with Penile Prosthesis
  • Long-Lasting Natural Results
  • Painless


Why Receive A Non-Surgical Penile Augmentation?

Receiving a non-surgical penile augmentation can assist with a few different scenarios. Enhancement procedures are performed to correct and improve genetic malformations, aesthetic or psychological reasons, and medical functionality. The reason for seeking out assistance ultimately differs from patient to patient, but a dermal filler enlargement can assist with any need if the individual is fit for the procedure.


Male Enhancement Treatment in Livingston, NJ

If you’re considering male enhancement, but don’t want to undergo surgery, contact Dr. Ron Israeli MD, PC for pain-free penis enlargement. If you have any questions regarding how this non-invasive procedure is performed, Dr. Israeli and his experienced staff will be happy to answer them for you. We’ll walk you through the process and design a customized approach that meets your cosmetic goals. To learn more about our services and Urology, feel free to view our blog for more health tips!