What is an Overactive Bladder Syndrome?

Urinary incontinence, or overactive bladder, is the inability to control the release of urine from the bladder. There are a few different types of urinary incontinence. Urge incontinence is the sudden and intense urge to urinate. People who suffer from urge incontinence have a bladder muscle which occasionally contracts only giving the person a few seconds to a minute to reach a toilet. Next is mixed incontinence. This is when someone experiences more than one type of urinary incontinence such as stress and urge incontinence. Last is total incontinence, where there is a constant leaking of urine day and night or periodic uncontrollable leaking of large volumes of urine.

Treatment Options For Urinary Incontinence

There are many different treatments options available for those who suffer from urinary incontinence. Your doctor at Dr. Ron S. Israeli is skilled and experienced with all of the following treatment options, and will advise you on the best route to take to solve your urinary incontinence issues.

Interstim Neuromodulation

Interstim Neuromodulation is a procedure in which a small electrical wire is placed through the skin into the lower portion of the pelvic bone, the sacrum. The wire then delivers a small electrical charge to the nerve that comes from the bladder. By stimulating this nerve with an electrical impulse, the bladder becomes less overactive. This treatment option is usually successful in alleviating overactive bladder symptoms. Side effects of this treatment include bruising of the skin, small amounts of blood or clear discharge, technical problems, dull aches in the perineal region, and infection or skin irritation.

Botox Therapy For Urinary Incontinence

Botox therapy is another common treatment. It is a prescription medicine that is injected into the bladder muscle. This procedure significantly reduces the number of leakage episodes experienced. Side effects include problems swallowing, speaking or breathing. Other side effects and risks include the spread of toxin effects, urinary tract infection, insomnia, and blood in urine.

Urostym Bladder Biofeedback

Another popular treatment option is urostym bladder biofeedback. It is a non-invasive biofeedback procedure completed by placing sensors on the surface of the skin to measure muscle activity, and then the computer then provides an immediate audio-visual response. Urostym has animated programs appealing to different age groups, usually helpful in training for the bladder. This is a popular treatment because no apparent side effects have been observed.

Treatment For Urinary Incontinence in New Jersey

Urinary incontinence can add a lot of stress and embarrassment to your daily life. The staff at Ron S Israeli MD, PC are sensitive to what you are going through and take the utmost pride in ensuring that they relieve your symptoms. Schedule an appointment today at Dr. Ron S. Israeli so you can go back to feeling like yourself.